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Real Estate Visualisation for Hoxton Ventures Commercial Office Space Design: Case Study

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We are fitting out our new office and being able to visualise the rooms was much needed. Our architect and interior designers normally take 3-5 days to do this, so we tried Gofigo. Not only was it daily turnaround, the images provided built on the work of our designers and improved the room.
The visualisations also really helped bring the space to life. We’re huge fans of Gofigo and would encourage everyone doing a project like this to use them.
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Hussein Khanji, Hoxton Ventures 
April 2020

When businesses move from one office space to the next, morale can take a huge hit; the known well-loved meeting rooms and break-out areas are replaced only by the unknown, meaning that teams can struggle to see where they fit in.

Hoxton Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm, who had decided on a move to a new office space. This future-focused business needed their employees to be able to feel excited for their own future environment, and so wanted images to show what the firm's new home would look like.

They needed a design agency that would create liveable, realistic images. They knew they needed the right images from a company who would listen to what they required and let their photo-rendering skills shine.

Enter Gofigo.

Equipped with just a floor plan and a mood board, Gofigo did what they do best: they breathed life and personality into the floor plan. They transformed the idea and structure of the new office space into beautiful, realistic images of the day-to-day environment that was coming. The team was thrilled with the work, to the extent that they recommended Gofigo to all of their architectural partners.

Photo-real 3D visualisations are an amazing tool for businesses to inspire their stakeholders; they allow individuals to picture what is in their architectural future, and therefore see where they themselves fit in.

Want to breathe life into a future space of your own? Chat to us at Gofigo today to take the first step in a path you will never regret.

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