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Visualisations to help the sale and marketing of a group of off-plan bungalows in Wales

Our client wanted to create a set of visuals for some bungalows they were developing so they could advertise them off-plan. Our brief was to interior design and visualise the interior and exterior of one of the bungalows. 


The client sent us some hand-drawn architectural drawings. We discussed the style and target audience (retirement age demographic, classic design). Gofigo then created the visuals and got it right the first time and we turned around the interior visualisations within a week. Check out the images below to see the results

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John Meyrick02_12-10-2020 (1).jpg
John Meyrick01_12-10-2020 (2).jpg
John Meyrick01_18-10-2020 (1).jpg
John Meyrick03_18-10-2020 (1).jpg
John Meyrick04_11-10-2020 (1).jpg
John Meyrick03_12-10-2020 (1).jpg
John Meyrick02_11-10-2020 (1).jpg
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