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Residential Real Estate Visualisation: Case Study

Customers often ask about the image creation process, and how closely we work together to produce the final rendering. As a result, we created a process overview, using a case study from a previous client.

Step one: the brief

  • The client got in touch via our website’s ‘Get a quote’ page, and we followed up within x hours to discuss their requirements 

  • The client shared an AUTOCAD file and elevation plan. If a client has an elevation plan this is very useful, but if this has not been created, all we need to know is the height of the doors, windows and ceiling

  • This particular client had not previously commissioned any photo-real renderings, so asked us for guidance on style. The client knew that they wanted something ‘classic’ aimed at young professional buyers, and through a targeted discussion Gofigo was able to narrow in on the image desired

Floor plan.png
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Step two: initial visualisation

  • We created 3D files from the plans provided, and began breathing life into the room with colours, textures and furniture

  • In this example, we used neutral, grey colours, and chose the classic furniture styles from our varied collection of furniture 

  • We focused particularly on dressing the bed luxuriously and neatly in order to allow viewers to picture it as their own, and on the net and curtain window to convey the premium lifestyle we wanted to communicate

  • We sent the first draft of the images back to the client, as seen below

Master bedroom 3D visualisation.png

Step three: feedback and amends

  • Our customer liked the image but suggested some amendments that they would like to see. They wanted more colour present in the image, and a mirrored fitted wardrobe that reflected the warmth of the room. Customers receive two rounds of complementary feedback. 

  • We updated the colour scheme to beige tones and tweaked furniture items as requested, producing the below image. We added in a footstool, blanket, and side table decorations to increase the homely feel of the image 

Master bedroom final 3d

Step four: high resolution render

  • Once the final image is approved and the customer is completely happy with the outcome, we render the image in high resolution and share with the client.  

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